Commonly Asked Questions

Do You Have Classes for Adults? 

Yes!!!  We have Dance Workout and Social Dance classes for adults of any level! Whether you've never danced, have been on Dancing with the Stars, or any level in between we'd love to have you come join! Sign up below to start classes or get informed about Social Dance Nights! 

Dance Workout Classes: Sign up here 

Classes Wednesday from 1-2 PM and Saturday from 8:30-9:30 AM 

Social Dance Nights: Sign up here  

Private Lessons: Set up with Oakley at (801_ 361-6700 or by emailing

How Do I Get Started

The best way to get started is by figuring out which class you would like to try! 

You can learn about different classes by taking this fun quiz or by reaching out to our artistic director Oakley! She would love to discuss what you're looking for in a dance class and figure out which class would be best for you! You can reach her at (801) 361-6700 or at

Once you know what class you want to take you can register for that class here! 

What Are the Class Fees?

We strive to provide quality dance instruction for a reasonable price. There is a one time registration fee, per show costume fee, and monthly class fee. 

Registration: A $25 registration fee is required to enroll each student for the first time. There is a $40 maximum registration fee per family. 

Classes: The first month’s payment is due on the first day of class for the student (This would include partial month payments if beginning mid-month). Following this first payment it is the parent/guardian responsibility for paying the monthly class fee by the 1st of each month. There will be a $20 late fee added after the 15th of the month. If a payment plan or specific accommodations are needed, please reach out to The Oaks Dance Studio. Individual payment plans are a possibility but not guaranteed. A 30 day cancellation notice in email, text, or writing is required to withdraw from classes and the associated payment. During those 30 days the student may continue to come to class until the end of the 30 day payment. The pricing structure is based on the amount of classes taken by the student as shown below. 


5 hrs a week - $8 an hr ($160 a month)

4 hrs a week - $8 an hr ($128 a month)

3 hrs a week - $10 an hr ($120 a month)

2 hrs a week - 12 an hr  ($96 a month

1 hr a week - $13 an hr ($52 a month)

30 minutes a week - $7 a class ($28 a month)


Costumes cost between $25-$75 due a month before the show . We strive to keep costume prices low for parents and will inform parents of the exact price as soon as possible. Renting a costume for a lower price is sometimes possible. 

Is My Child Ready for Dance Classes?

This is a very personal question as each child and their needs are so unique. Dance classes can play a major role in developing learning skills, confidence, self worth, teamwork, dedication, and passion! These lessons can best be learned when a child starts at the right time and pace for them. Here's 3 things I would consider to see if my child is ready.

Do I Need Dance Shoes?

Each dance genre has slightly different clothing requirements that will set up you or your child to have the best experience! See the class list below with the associated shoe requirement to be set for all of your classes!

Ballet - Requires Pink Ballet Shoes for girls and white ballet shoes for boys.

Jazz - No shoes required, will perform bare footed or in socks.

Tumbling - No shoes required, will perform bare footed. 

Hip Hop - Hip Hop or Gym/Workout Shoes Required. 

Tap - Tap shoes Required. 

Dance Workout - Gym/Workout Shoes Required.

Social Dance Classes - Gym/Workout or Social Dance Shoes Required.

Places to Purchase Shoes:

Discount Dance 

Dance Wear

Child's Dance Wear  



The Children's Place