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Class Details:

Acro/Tumbling - A class where students will develop their flexibility, awareness in the air, and ability to rebound off the floor safely. They will learn various tumbling skills including basics (backbends, handstands, rolls) to more complex skills (aerials, spiders, & back handsprings). 

What to Wear: Athletic Clothing that allows for a full range of motion throughout the arms, spine, and legs. Hair is pulled back to stay out of the way of a student’s eyes. Socks and shoes are removed to prevent slipping during movement. 


Ballet - A class in which students will learn the Cecchetti method of ballet. Classes consist of barre work and floor work. Students will learn proper ballet terms and techniques that will increase their focus, discipline, and ability to learn choreography quickly. (Upon advancement this class may include the form of pointe where dancers wear specific shoes that allow them to dance on the tips of their toes. This option to advance has a minimum age requirement of 12 and will be introduced by the instructor when a student has the strength, flexibility, and alignment to begin such a strenuous dance form). 

What to Wear: 

Girls - Ballet leotard that allows for the teacher to accurately see the student’s body alignment. Pink tights and ballet slippers that allow for a full range of motion. Hair is pulled back into a bun to stay out of the way of a student’s eyes during turns. Specific clothing allows for more accurate ballet alignment.

Boys - Gym shorts or athletic pants and a T-shirt that gives the student a full range of motion. Black or tan ballet slippers. 


Creative/Combo - A class for 2 to 5 yr olds where children learn how to use basic body movements to dance. We begin with a simple warm up that focuses on basic body movements that will be utilized in more complex steps. The students will learn the elements of dance (Space, Time, & Energy) to increase their creativity. The class will consistently end with a small dance routine that the students can practice at home and show their family. 

What to Wear: Athletic Clothing that allows for a full range of motion throughout the arms, spine, and legs. Hair is pulled back to stay out of the way of a student’s eyes. Socks and shoes are removed to prevent slipping during movement. 


Hip Hop - A class in which students will be able to find their own groove, character, and originality. They will be introduced to the concepts of freestyle/street dance techniques including break dancing, popping, locking, and house dance. 

What to Wear: Loose athletic clothing that is comfortable and allows for full range of motion. Gym shoes that fit well and can provide traction. (These shoes need to be separate from outdoor shoes in order to keep the floors clean. If that is not an option we’ll have wipes to clean off the bottoms of their shoes before class). 


Jazz - This class consists of a warm up, stretching, and across the floor exercises. Emphasis continues to be placed on proper body placement and effective use of the muscles. Students focus upon mastering the elements of jazz dance including body isolations, turns, kicks, leaps, and musicality. 

What to Wear: Athletic Clothing that allows for a full range of motion throughout the arms, spine, and legs. Hair is pulled back to stay out of the way of a student’s eyes. Socks and shoes are removed to prevent slipping during movement. 


Social Dance (Coming Soon) - A class where students will partner up in duets to learn the basics of different styles of social dance. These styles include the Cha Cha, East Coast Swing, Foxtrot, and the Waltz. The focus will be on precise footwork, social interaction, and musicality. 

Where to Buy Dance Clothes & Shoes:

Dance clothes can be purchased anywhere including online. Here are some options for dance attire. 

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Class Agreement

The Oaks Dance Studio Parent & Dancer Agreement 

Medical & Hold Harmless 

I understand that dancing is a strenuous physical activity. To my knowledge, the student has no medical problems or injuries that would prevent participation in class. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform a physician of any medical issues and to obtain written consent for participation if existing conditions exist. I agree to inform the teachers of any known health condition that may affect class participation. I understand that The Oaks Dance Studio prioritizes student safety and health. I understand that The Oaks Dance Studio focuses on teaching correct technique and safety measures to protect each student but that not all injuries or accidents are preventable. I, on my own behalf, and on behalf of participating minor(s), expressly waive any and all claims, suits, or demands for personal injury, property damage or other loss against “released parties”, and each of them, including, but not limited to, any and all negligence, negligent supervision, and negligent instruction.  To the fullest extent permitted by law, this waiver is intended to be a complete release of  The Oaks Dance Studio for any and all responsibility for personal injuries, property damage, or death sustained by me or participating minor(s) on The Oaks Dance Studio’s premises, whether arising out of or resulting from my or their participation in activities, use of The Oaks Dance Studio or any other dance facility or equipment, parking lots, premises and facilities.  This release applies for any date in the future (including today’s date) that I, or participating minor(s), may visit The Oaks Dance Studio, and is further binding on the heirs, representatives and estates of the undersigned and minor(s).  I further agree to waive, release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Oaks Dance Studio from and against all claims, damages, injuries, expenses, or death arising out of or resulting from administering or failing to administer medical assistance to participating minor(s) or myself. I also agree to communicate in the event of any signs of illness, or injury so proper precautions can be made. 

Fees and Tuition

I agree to pay a $25 registration fee unless I’m enrolled by August 16th, 2023. I agree to pay for the coming month’s class tuition on the 1st of the month. I understand that I will be charged for each class my child is signed up for whether or not they attend the class. I understand that a $20 late fee will be added after the 15th of the month if the class tuition is not paid in full. If the class fee is not paid by the end of the month the student will be taken off of the class roster and their spot given to another student. I understand that if payment plans need to be made I can contact The Oaks Dance Studio. I understand that a 30 day notice must be given to The Oaks Dance Studio through email, text, or writing, to cancel these classes. I understand that my child may continue to take classes over these 30 days until their class is fully canceled. I understand and agree with the monthly pricing below:

5 hrs a week - $8 an hr ($160 a month)

4 hrs a week - $8 an hr ($128 a month)

3 hrs a week - $10 an hr ($120 a month)

2 hrs a week - 12 an hr  ($96 a month)

1 hr a week - $13 an hr ($52 a month)

30 minutes a week - $7 a class ($28 a month)

Dance Etiquette

The Oaks Dance Studio is a place where everyone should feel at home and be ready to learn! I understand that my child will be expected to follow the following rules to respect themselves, their peers, and their teachers.

Attendance Policy

As with any program, consistent attendance is a requirement for success. Consistently missing class may result in a change of class level or removal from a class performance. Guardians are responsible for communicating absences by emailing the studio or communicating with the dance instructor. Any student that misses 3 consecutive weeks or more may be removed from parts or all of their performance pieces. Makeup classes are also available for any classes missed by participating in another scheduled class of a similar genre and/or skill level. Reach out to the studio for your child specific makeup class options as needed. A makeup class can be attended for every class missed by a student until the end of the semester. Each semester new attendance records will be initiated and kept. 


I understand that watching a dance class can be distracting or intimidating to any or all of the students. I also understand that space is limited in the dance room and cannot always accommodate parents or visitors to watch class. I will reach out to The Oaks Dance Studio for permission and instructions on watching a class to ensure that the dancers feel confident, safe, and prepared for class each day. I understand that permission will not always be granted but that The Oaks Dance Studio will strive to make accommodations for visitors as space and students allow. 

Photo & Video Agreement

I understand that The Oaks Dance Studio will take pictures and/or videos during classes, performances, and around the studio for promotional  and educational purposes. I authorize The Oaks Dance Studio to film and take photos of my child for these purposes. I authorize The Oaks Dance Studio to use and publish these photos or videos with or without my name. 

I understand and agree with all the conditions, rules, etc.. shown in this document and will comply with all mentioned rules and procedures. 

Student’s Name (Print): 


Parent Signature:                                                 Student Signature:

________________________                  __________________________

Any Specific Concerns or Questions?

Referral Program

We want the community to come together at The Oaks Dance Studio and would love for you to invite your friends to come take classes with you! You will receive a $20 credit and a drink of the your choice for everyone you send our way who registers! Send them the link here to sign up! 

Security & Safety Policy

It is the responsibility of The Oaks Dance Studio to provide, (as far as is reasonably practical) safe dancing conditions for its students and employees. In order to maintain these conditions it’s the student’s and parent’s responsibility to follow any rules, requirements, and safety procedures provided by The Oaks Dance Studio. 

Owner’s Responsibility:

The owners of The Oaks Dance Studio are responsible for regular safety inspections of the dance studio and premises. They are responsible for the fixing and/or replacing of any broken equipment to reduce hazards.

Teacher’s Responsibility:

Teachers who observe a student in violation of the policies established in this document must instruct that student to cease such action.

Student’s Responsibility:

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